About Me

Hi - Let's Meet

  • I have been a stay at home for 8 years now!  2 years married, 4 years being a mama, and 8 years together with my babe.  Though those years we have navigated through the valleys and the mountains.  There have been a lot of lessons that we have taken away.. and lots of growth in those 8 years! 

We have had a newborn baby with no car, we have been months from being due with our second child and not knowing how we were going to pay our rent.  We have been months behind on our bills, job loss, not being able to buy Christmas gifts. The list goes on and on or should I say the lessons went on and on. 

Through those experiences we have stuck together and remained hopeful knowing that our situation will change, and it did.  That is one reason I started my brand - to share my experiences, hope, and  inspiration.  I want to share with you what has helped me

While being a wife and mama are my number 1 priority, I want to do more by helping others with what I have learned and experienced.

I want to plant life seeds and give people tools to create a new perspective and hope to live a kick ass life.  

I want to empower the people who have ears to hear - who have the desire to live in congruence with who they dream of becoming and that feeling tugging on your heart. 

You deserve to live a life full of love, happiness, and abundance.  Your story matters.